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Ready to Crush Something 

Another eye catching paint job collaboration done by Art and Tom of RC Autocare.  


Call RC Autocare today for all of your automotive needs.  Whether it is removing the dings and scratches out of your car's paint, bringing a faded paint job back to life and like new or if you have ever dreamed of a show car and custom paint job. 


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Music To My Ears, Heart & Soul

From a simple tune up, engine rebuild or even a complete engine swap giving you more power RC Autocare has you covered.

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That's Not Good

Is you car doing this? Not good. Come see RC Autocare today and let us put you back on the road safely and without having to hang your head in shame.

Who Says Work Can't Be Fun

This is the horn a customer of RC Autocare wanted us to put in his Mercury Cougar we were restoring

Enjoying RC Autocare's Work

Come see what RC Autocare can do for you.'

After meeting the team at RC Autocare and seeing first hand what we can do, we are confident you will become a loyal customer and friend

Customer Having Fun

RC Autocare crew enjoying and taking in the fruits of their labor as yet another satisfied and loyal customer picks up his car

More Power & Offering New Life

RC Autocare is there for any of your automotive needs.  Our customers love showing off when we return to them their dream car.

Happy & Satisfied Customer

Is you car not running like it use to? Leaving you stranded along side the road?
Come see the guys at RC Autocare and let us put you safely back on the road.  When we are done you will be a friend for life, plus you'll want to do this too.

Quick Glimpse Around

RC Autocare is always on the move bringing people's dreams to reality.  Contact us today to see what we can do for you.  From the simplest thing such as a burnt out taillight to the wildly custom

Another Quick Glimpse

The RC Autocare crew is always looking for the next project and challenge to put their skills and talents to use on.
Don't let you car or truck be an embarrassment to you, bring it to us so that we can give it some TLC. Our pride and passion for anything automotive shines in our work

Art is in the Zone

This is just a glimpse of what RC Autocare can do for you, thanks to the talent and wicked mind of airbrush artist Art
Nothing is to mild or wild for the crew at RC Autocare

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